Artist Statement:

Spontaneity of the process is what excites me, because I truly believe: "There are no mistakes...there is only your art." I continue to try to "boldly go where no woman has gone before!" Surrealism and abstraction highlight my work, which is projected through its dimensionality, my titles being my inspiration by "playing on words". The pieces come to life with their visual dance and tactile qualities, which are achieved through the use of plastics, paper and foreign objects juxtaposed with yarns, threads, painting products and most recently, digital photo technology.

Being entirely self-taught, I give myself the freedom to constantly explore new areas and permission to think outside the box, without the fear of criticism. My quilts have been showcased worldwide at major art quilting venues, art galleries and corporations.

I am President Emerita of the Studio Art Quilt Associates, a 2,600 member global non-profit organization. I herald a monthly mentorship program, whereby I teach artists business and marketing skills. Additionally, I am a member of Fiber Revolution, which consists of 30 top tier fiber artists in the tri-state area.

My day job is as a Technology Specialist in the New York City Metropolitan Area and I have a blog called Technology Simply Speaking. I specialize in software systems and online digital content, such as videos and podcasts; I recently launched the online broadcast program called: "Meet the Artist", which can be viewed at the SAQA Channel.

I am currently giving workshops on my unique approach to developing an art quilt called: "What's in a Name: The Making of an Art Quilt". My "Threadpainting 101- a guide for beginners" is an excellent way for a beginner to explore the excellent world of threadpainting. Use your machine as a drawing tool and create wonderful works of art. You have nothing to fear, but fear itself.

I am available for corporate and private commissions, workshops and lectures. Please feel free to contact me at anytime at